QUANTITY: Low Minimum (Starting at 100 units) Minimum 2,500 units
LEAD TIME: 2-3 Weeks* 8-12 Weeks*
PRICING Best USA Made Pricing Significant Savings
DELIVERY Guaranteed on Time Guaranteed on Time
  *After Final Approvals  

Do You Know Why Other Suppliers Are Failing You?

Here are the Top 3 Most Dangerous Mistakes

Distributors Make When Choosing A Supplier

Your Selected Supplier does not have a design team or sample department in house.

The fastest way to begin hemorrhaging money out of your pocket is to work with a supplier that has to farm all of your design ideas out to a third party. This results in extra time wasted with a slower turnaround on product samples, approval times and ultimately production.

If you want to DOUBLE your cut and sew business in the first 6 months, find a supplier with an in-house art and sample department! LBU offers both teams in house, speeding up your product delivery.

Your Selected Supplier relies only on overseas production

When you rely on overseas production to meet your needs, you may as well say good-bye to quick turnaround times and hello to added delays costing you time and money.

LBU is located in the great state of New Jersey. This gives us the ability to offer you FAST DELIVERY, including: 24-hour virtual proofs, 3-5 days for samples, and a 2-3 week production turnaround! What’s your need for SPEED?

Your Selected Supplier uses only stock options with zero customization.

Customization sells! If you want to wow your customers with unique options, then you must select a supplier that can co-create beautiful designs with you. The ability to put creativity to use is a must in the business of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

LBU not only creates unique designs but has the ability to meet the needs you didn’t even know you had! After 25+ years in the business, our creative team gets real with each client and ensures that a design that lives and breathes your brand identity comes alive.